Jam Theme: Winter + Enviromental Hazards
Jam Length: 5 Days
Platform: PC
Engine Used: Unity (C#)
Developers: Only Me


The theme for this jam was Winter + Enviromental Hazards. My take on this theme was to think of a game idea and then add the theme into it. This reaulted in my entry, Quacking Time, where you play against up to 3 other players in order to win x number of rounds in a short but sweet terrority control minigame.

My personal goal for this jam was to have decent complexity in the game as well as having the game reasonably polished. This was certainly not an easy goal considering I was working alone and had to spend one of the jam days working on a university assignment.


Player Movement Jump
1 (Keyboard) ASWD Space
2 (Keyboard) Arrow Keys Enter
3 (Gamepad) Joystick "A" Button
4 (Gamepad) Joystick "A" Button

Known Bugs:

  • Ducks who have the lock powerup and collect points can paint grey hexagons for around a second.
  • Ducks powerup cooldowns don't reset when a different pickup is grabbed mid-duration.
  • Ducks can fall slightly slower than expected.
  • Menu selection isn't completly responsive.

  • Overall, I'm rather proud of what I was able to make in the time I had, and it adds another unique game to my portfolio :)

    1. Screenshot #2
    2. Screenshot #2