🎮 Break An Egg

A typing game with lots of egg puns.


Role: Sole Developer
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: WebGL
Jam Theme: Survival
Jam Length: 2 Days

Download (Itch): https://carter-games.itch.io/break-an-egg

This game was made as part of a friendly jam between myself and some of my old university coursemates. I wanted a day to chill as I still had work the following week so I took a day off and finished the jam a day early. My entry this time was to be short but sweet with plenty of egg puns cause why not.

Approach & Post Motrem

I worked quite casually on this jam as it was a friendly one with some of my old uni coursemates. So I didn’t really push myself that much. Now having a full time job in games programming, I was wanting to take some time off over the bank holiday away from Unity. Because of this I went for a simple idea and finished it in just under 2 days so I could still have a weekend off to chill.

Probably the biggest struggle with this jam for me was coming up with a good idea, as I prefer to do something different each game I make. My first idea was too complex for 2 days of work, my second was to re-work an old unfinished project but that proved to be too hard to get into as the code-base was a total mess. I ended up resorting to doing the minimium scope for the first game idea and just going with it.

I’m quite happy with this game, it certainly was a nice little game to make. The hardest part being the code for the key registering as Unity just doesn’t have an easy solution for detecting when the key was pressed, or at-least not an solutions that I could find during the jam. So I left it with a rather janky but working solution.