🟡 Leaderboard Manager

A local leaderboard solution for Unity.

This asset is a local leaderboard solution for developers to make simple leaderboards to their games. It started out as a personal solution to the problem, but after a few interations I decided to make it public as well for all to use.

The Leaderboard Manager asset was designed to allow users to add leaderboards to their games with ease. Like most of the asset I have developed so far, this asset was targeted at beginner developers who might need a little help with some minor functionality. I worked on the asset for a couple of weeks during August 2020, with the aim to release it by the end of the month. The development of the asset was rather simple and problem free. However I did go ahead after I had spent some time in my industry job going through the asset and making it way better.

The latest 2.x version has a lot cleaner code with the option to have multiply leaderboard and more options to display the results with both a standard text & TextMeshPro display script provided. I also did a much better job with the documentaion, scripting refernece & changelog.