📱 Gunsmith

A merge/idle game with a theme of guns.


Role: Programmer
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: Android
Studio: 🔗 Fumb Games

Gunsmith is a merge idle game where you merge wacky guns together to make the best idle gun factory. So this is my first project as a Junior Programmer with Fumb Games. I was tasked with the programming and implementation for all the games mechanics.

This was my first project as a proffesional game developer. The project was nothing too far out of my conform zone but I certained picked up a lot in this one project alone. Like with all projects at Fumb there was no “hard” deadline for the work but as I was on probabation one of the goals was to finish the Gunsmith code. Given that I finished it in 8 weeks meant that I was in the middle of my second or third project by the time I was off probabation, which I passed more or less flawlessly.

The artwork was made or adjusted by a co-worker for the UI and guns. Programming wise, this has been a nice challenge to make, getting the merge board to work was one of the most challenging sections as a lot of the game relies on it. Other challenges included optimisation of the game and idle calculations which sometimes made me want to bang my head on the table but after whiteboarding the problems out I was able to solve them successfully.

The game went through several UI overhauls which were a little annoying from the dev side, as updating the art in a game over and over is pretty time consuming. Though overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and it is still a solid product for my first peice of work in industry.