🎮 Mirco Arcade

A collection of games built for a custom arcade cabient.


Role: Sole Developer
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: Custom Arcade Cabinet
Educational Institute: Solent University (Year 3)
Module: Indie Game Project (FMP)

Downloads (Itch): https://carter-games.itch.io/micro-arcade

My final major project was a small arcade machine with a few games to go with it. The goal was to replicate the retro style of games with the old arcade controls along with some modernised arcade games. Below is a summary of final project as well as some of the milestones and goals I worked towards during the project.

The games in the collection
Ultimate Pinball

Play against each other in this two player pinball machine. Play through a variety of win conditions and try to get the highest score possible!

Operation: Starshine

Play together in this two player mini-campaign to free a star from captivity. With 5 ships to choose from each with their own stats and abilities, defeat waves of drones and AI enemies, ultimately defeating the final boss!

Quacking Time

Play against eachother in this improved version of the game jam title under the same title. Collect as many points as you can before the round ends!

Development Series

During the project I kept a video diary of sorts, explaining my thoughts and showing some of the progress I had made each week. This ended early due to the fact that the Covid-19 happened. So this series ends at Week 11 of 19 but gives a nice indication of where the project got to until that point.

Project Milestones

Below were the milestones that were in place for the project, these we set by myself to keep me on track. These were initial milestones that after the alpha build got disregarded due to Covid-19 extending the project by an additional 4-weeks:

Cabinet Built: August 2019
First Playable Build: Project Week 4 (Starting 10th February 2020)
Alpha Build: Project Week 7 (Starting 2nd March 2020)
Beta Build: Project Week 11 (Starting 30th March 2020)
Project Release: Project Week 16 (Starting 4th May 2020)