🎮 No Presents For You

An action puzzle game where you steal presen.


Role: Sole Developer
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Jam Theme: You Are The Villan
Jam Length: 4 Days

Github: https://gitfront.io/r/JonathanMCarter/2f3a6f456b1792abb08012c63bbf55f3bcaeee35/Indie-Game-Jam/
Itch: https://carter-games.itch.io/np4y

Feeling evil this Christmas? Time to steal some presents with a twist. Your life depends on it. The more presents you steal, the more lives you have. The aim is simple, steal and many presents while getting away safetly.

Approach & Post Motrem

This was a friendly jam between myself and my old University coursemates through discord and itch. The idea was to make some games and have a little fun while also getting something out of it. My entry this time around was simpler so that I could finish it and try out some new scene transitions I had wanted to try out.


While at university my two best friends were total disney mad, a little of that rubbed off. The entire idea for the game came from the scene depicted in the video. Mostly the way the knights move in the early stages and the clear beat on their movement. The rest was to make it christmassy ‘n’ all. Its also just a good scene regardless of context.

I worked quite casually and didn’t really push myself that much, I did find that I still had a few issues with some of my assets (which I thought I had fixed) as well as some minor bugs with the movement. I did however get to use the old path finding script design I made back in the Maze Solver C++ project linked 🔗here. This turned out to be perfect for this game which save me some time, though getting it to work in this context too a little while to sort.

Overall I’m rather pleased which what I was able to make, by far it is nothing special and the levels are not hard at all, but its something I have built and can be proud of. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of my other projects off the ground next year.