🎮 Microgame Collection

A collection of mini-games built in the style of dumb ways to die.


Role: Sole Developer
Team Size: 1
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: Android
Educational Institute: Solent University (Year 2)
Module: Mobile Game Fundamentals

Download (Android): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z9q8y8PgTptgtoYDX28qO2u1mxO0tLH9/view?usp=sharing

A collection of mini-games that get continually harder as the player plays on. The aim of the game is to keep going as long as possible and get the highest score you could acheive.

The game was made for a university assignment, the game itself has 13 microgames that last up to 6 seconds. This consists of 5 tap games, 3 accelerometer games, 2 drag & drop games & 3 swipe games. I based the look of the game on Dumb ways to die, mostly on the transitions and timer bar at the top of the screen. This was by far the best project I made in 2018. It was very polished with only one bug which occurred when playing the ‘in order’ version of the game, which was only added to make the marking of the game easier.

For a one-month project, this was an impressive product. While other projects I have made all have their ups and downs, this project keeps coming back to me as one of my best pieces given the time restrictions and the amount of polish the game got.