🎮 The Low Poly Adventure

A low poly dungeon puzzle game.


Role: Programmer & Artist
Team Size: 2
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux
Educational Institute: Solent University (Year 2)
Module: Mobile Game Fundamentals

Downloads (Android): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kpoOSBK95ue2ySMjY_Frhib-E9QkVBQz/view?usp=sharing

The low poly adventure is a 40-room dungeon crawler with a single class character which we could choose from a range of characters. This was a small team project working in pairs to develop it with 20 rooms each. The rooms each dev would make were defined in a super large breif to save the design workload.

This was the first really large project I worked on. I also did work with another person, however I ended up doing the majority of the work myself on this project. I mostly worked on the movement of the player and wolf, the combat system which all hostile objects in the game used as well as the physics of the game. I also created the first 22 rooms of the dungeon to the specs provided by the brief document.

This was certainly a challenge as the project was very large and I had two other assignments to work on for at least the first half of the project. Near the deadline minor bugs were left in as I didn’t have time to fix them. The wolf AI really challenged me as it needed to follow the player until he attacked another target where it would jump at the target and attack it with melee attacks. While the solution I coded worked on a test level for the most part, in actual levels it was rather glitchy and the wolf would go flying randomly. This is an aspect of the game I would remove or fix if I was to release this publicly.

Even though I was working with someone on this, I ended up doing additional work including implementing and adjusting my inventory system from the Unity demo collection I had made earlier in the year as well as working on all the UI for the game. I didn’t have the time to also do the animations, which were therefore left out of the game, reducing its quality a lot.