🟢 Build Versions

A build versioning automation solution for Unity.

This asset is a automation tool that saves developers from needing to manually update their project build numbers. Handy to both manage the version numbers of a project but to also ensure it happens on each build made.

This asset was mostly made while I was at work. I felt the need to make this as I was getting really annoyed at myself for not updating the build number when making builds to test. So I decided to automate it. The actual code to do this is pretty simple, its just a interface implementation really. I had a working version at work really quickly and I found it rather useful. Because of this I decided to check the market for any asset that do this and found only one that does something similar, but saves it differently and wasn’t free.

Because for these factors I decided to make it into a public asset. which is this project, the asset if free like my other assets and requires zero user setup which is thanks to some cool editor scripting that generates the scriptable objects for the user if they don’t exsist. I’m pretty proud with how this turned out and am happy to support it into the future.