Carter Games / Personal Projects

Handy Unity Editor Sidebar
Detective Notes
Alternative Cluedo/Clue Scorecard
Twine Load Data Script
Client Project
Leaderboard Manager
Basic Local Leaderboard System
Casual Mobile Game
Audio Manager
Basic Audio Management System
Save Manager
Basic Game Saving System
Transform Colours
Custom Transform Inspector
The Shadow Within
First Commercial Game

University Projects

Micro Arcade
Final Major Project
The Horror of Blackthorne Manor
Roleplay Inspired Game
Unity Technical Demos
Physics, UI & Animation Demos
Techno Baron
Rez Inspired Boss Fight
The Low Poly Adventure
40-Level Mobile Dungeon Game
Meltdown Mayhem
Casual Idle Clicker Game
Tales of Orelia
22-man Team Game Project
Mircogame Collection
13 Mobile Microgames in 1 Project
Maze Solving AI Program
C++ AI Coding Demo

Game Jam Entries

Oh Gnomes
GJL Game Parade 2020 Entry
CGFX 2020 Game Jam Entry
Jump Drive
GMTK 2019 Jam Entry
Unicycles Take Over!
Solent Game Cup 2019 Entry
The Shadow Within (Jam Version)
Nerd Rage 2014 Jam Entry
Score Space Jam #9 Entry
Quacking Time
VGA 2020 MegaJam Entry
Got No Pockets!
Solent Mayhem Jam 2019 Entry
Santa vs The Red Box of Krampus
VGA Christmas Mirco Jam 2018 Entry
Lights Out
Score Space Jam #8 Entry
VGA 2019 Halloween Jam Entry
Bad Luck Comes In Three’s
VGA March Mirco Jam 2019 Entry
VGA Spooky Micro Jam 2018 Entry