📱 Merge Conquest

A risk-style merge game that I designed and made a prototype for as a work project.


Role: Programmer
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: Android
Studio: 🔗 Fumb Games

Downloads (Android): https://drive.google.com/file/d/14-6SCqV7QCiK48Aun6nz64dvkX8zAsmi/view?usp=sharing

Merge conquest is similar to risk but you merge troops to get more powerful ones to place on the field. The idea was to make the traditional game more dynamic, with extra strategy of holding some units back to have stronger ones down the line.

So this was my second fully solo project, I came up with the idea for this one as well, as well as a few other ideas that were set aside for another time. The elevator pitch is pretty much risk but with merging and that is pretty much what I made. I had the creative freedom to go with it how I wanted with a little basic design given to me to base the game off.

I based some of the design off the Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth 2: War of the Ring game and Risk: Factions. The phases were setup to allow the player to go about their turn. I set the game into 3 phases per player per turn, which seemed common for games on the genre.

Planning Phase
This is where the players would gain their units for their current holdings (territory count and region bonuses). Merge their units to gain stronger units and add units to territories they currently own ready for battle.

Battle Phase
This is where player can attack territories and manage units into conquered territories. Each battle lets the user either auto-roll the encounter until 1 player wins or by rolling each roll as you would do in the board game manually. Once the user has finished their attacks, they can move to the last phase.

Regroup Phase
This phase is optional and allows the user to move 1 group of units from 1 territory to a neighbouring territory.

The menu I had a little help with as I’m not that good at 3D modelling, so the globe is a custom model for the game. The rest of the art was done my me with all the maps being drawn up my me too, with a map generator making the basic shape for me to then edit and add the territory boundaries by hand.

I added an accessibility feature in this game too. This is a colour-blind mode. This was needed as there was no other way to distinguish between each player if the user couldn’t tell the difference between the colours. I made the mode change the shape the strength of each territory was shown as, as well as some prompts to remind them who they were playing as.


As I worked solo on the project, I also did almost all of the art for the game. Below is some the best bits I worked on, given I’m not an artist I felt it all came together pretty well.


Each map was setup as a .psd so it could be setup in layers which Unity would recornise. Each layer would hold a territory with a layer for the water, regions & map lines. Each territory would be coloured and controls in engine. The map Shattered Lands was used a lot in development as a testing map along with This Land. Some of the maps had some references to TV/Film/Games series in their territory names for a bit of fun as well.


There are 4 tiers of ranks in the game which are denoted by the colour, while the pips/chevrons/stars would denote each rank. Below is the art used to make all the rank shields, they were assembled in an engine just like the maps.