📱 Bitcoin Tycoon

A Idle tycoon games themed around mining fake crypto currencies.


Role: Programmer
Engine: Unity
Code Language: C#
Platforms: Android
Studio: 🔗 Fumb Games

Download (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fumbgames.bitcointycoon&hl=en_GB&gl=US

Bitcoin Tycoon is a idle tycoon game where you manage your office of staff who mine crypto currencies with the aim of becoming a bitcoin millionare.

This was my first main project of the year. I worked with another programmer to produce the code side for the project with the art team working on all the visuals. I ended up programming most of the gameplay with the exception of the crypto market simulation & its UI. This included the:

  • Tutorial System
  • Dialogue System
  • Workstations (Upgrades, Props, Eco Generation etc.)
  • Economy System
  • Enviroment Unlocking
  • Idle Mechanics
  • AI Navigation

By far one of the most challenging parts of this project was the tutorial. Making a tutorial system that is truely modular is surprisingly difficult. The solution I wrote for this version was pretty good but did have a few flaws, most notably the system for saving the last place the user was at as I used an int when it should’ve been a string. As the int setup meant if I moved bits around it could break the user’s progress through the tutorial as it would return them to a different step than the one they were on.

The project had a few bugs with it during development, but turned out pretty good. Running really well compared to some of my previous projects and is by far one of the best looking & running projects to date.