So Much Data

Data Handling

After the first day I was spending time working on the data structure for all the data needed for persona’s which is a lot. The skills stuff I did on day 1 is great, but when thinking about it further I knew I’d need a way to generate a lot of skills and items without needing to do it all manually. As that would just take far too long and I would hate it all by the time I had created each skill by hand. This meant I needed to looking to ways of automating the data creation with some tool. For this I looked to see if there was any way to make a google sheet readable in Unity. Thankfully there was a nice short tutorial on downloading data to a csv format in Unity. I managed to make a system based on that, that would download a google sheet tab to a .csv file that I could then read and convert into the sciprtable objects as needed.

The code is nothing special here and is rather rigid as I made it purely to make scriptable objects and not for general game data use. Though down the line I may looking to make a system like that. But the good thing is that it works and makes handling skills & later the custom personas considerably easier.

Affinites Display UI

Other than that I did a bit more UI work and setup a display for the persona skill affinites. These being the skills they are weak or strong to etc. The display in persona 5 is fairly dynamic with two states for this, one for no text but unkown affinities and another for when there is an affinity. But, due to a lack of good screenshots to mock it up with and the hassle of mathcing it for each icon I’ve decided that for my version to just use the one version and just update the text.

The good news is the unknown state that I’m matching from persona 5 look spretty accurate and cool. See the left for how it looks currently. Note that there is a white background behind it in the final UI setup. I haven’t worked on any of the logic for hooking this up yet, but the data it will use will make it easy to just update the affinity text if it is revealed.

Organisation & Cleanup

The final progress for the day was a bit more clean up with some commenting & script organisation. I improved the polygon ui mover script to auto start/stop and to only run when active and started a better structure where mechanics are grouped together instead of all the ui in one parent folder and all of the data in another as it makes it harder to find some bits of the codebase as it grows in size.

Whats Next?

Mostly more data xD, yea I’ve yet to get the healing skills in as of writing as well as about half of the passive ones. This is due to the varying data that I’ll need to store. There is a chance that I may have to hard code some skills in with no data just due to how specific they are, but I’ll keep trying to make a good structure before going down that way. I also plan to get some early setup for the turn management for a 1 v 1 to start with and then a x v 1 as I plan to have a full party of 4 for the player to use, matching the source game. It’ll probably be a few weeks before the next update as I do have to work on another project at the same time as this and that one has a more rigid deadline to hit.