Project Start, Persona Summoning & UI Tests

I was able to get a full day more of less to kick the project off with a bang. For the majority of the day I was focused on implementing some of the bits I wasn’t sure would work to prove the concept to myself before committing to it fully. I’m glad to say its looking good so we’re all go. To the left is a little video of the setup I made today. However I will be reworking all of this as I rough coded this together and it is a mess.

Whats setup:

  • Basic player & animations
  • Players stats + UI
  • Player persona
  • Persona skill select UI
  • Target select UI

I spent the tail end of the day doing some clean up of the code in preperation for the larger project. Today this was the persona skills. I knew each skill would be more of less the same in structure so I made a base class with the meta data and then specific inheritors for each type like attack & support etc. In doing this I made a custom inspector setup to make it easier to make new skills. A preview of this can be seen to the side.

The custom editor logic handles things such as the icon & name of each skill as well as elements such as the cost of the skill, as some skills use a percentage of the players health while others use a pre-defined amount. For the icons I’m just using some placeholder art I got from FlatIcon for now but I will likely change these down the line. Below are the icons I currently have for each ability:

I’ve already setup a system where you can access each of these icons in code in a static class by the type they represent. Following a similar setup for other data bits down the line should make working with such a large data set more steamlined, but we’ll see how that goes when we get to it.