The Game

Given how short the jam was this was a very rushed project, the idea was to have a endless duel between two players using trumpets and knockback to eleminate the opposing player. This worked, however it did have a flaw where both players could get stuck in a stalemate due to the knockback mechanic. A problem I will fix one day when I have the time to return to this project.

My Thoughts

As you can tell, this was a joke entry into a gamejam. I do this for the fun of it really. This game was harder than it should have been to make as I struggled for around an hour or so getting the mechanic of knockback working. By the end of the jam the game wasn’t 100% working as if both players attacked at the same time neither would move. If I was to ever release this game fully, I would need to fix that problem.


  • Jam Theme: Skeltons
  • Jam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Platform: PC & WebGL
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Role: Solo Developer
What I learnt
  • Knockback Mechanics