Tower Defence Experiment Project


  • Platform: Unity (PC)
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Developers: Only Me

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Project Goal

The goal of this project is to experiment by making mechanics for a tower defence style game. The project is going to worked on 1 day at a time in between my work on Carter Games products. I usally work on these project 1 day a week, with Carter Games taking up 5 and the last day being my day off to relax. Each day I aim to release a new build with the progress from that day. I also plan to mimic mechanics from some of my old favourite games in these projects if possible.

Project History

Day 2 – Additional Turrets & Code Refactoring

Main Progress:
– Turret rotation Improvements
– Rocket Turret Projectile Improvement.
– Gun Turret Added.
– Popup Turret Added.
– Refactored targeting & shooting to use Interfaces.
– Expanded the map to show off each turret.

Known Issues:
– Turret animations fire off 1 more time than they are meant to.
– Rockets disappear if the target is dead.
– Enemies don’t make it to the target location.
– Turret rotation is erratic sometimes.

This day was focused on improving the rocket turret and adding 2 additional turrets, the Harkonnen Gun Turret & Ordos Popup Turret from Emperor: Battle for Dune. The gun turret is a very simple model as the turret was the only main change from the rocket turret. I got my copy of Emperor: Battle for Dune working this time so I could get a good reference image for both new turrets. The gun turret is by far the best for the dummy enemies so far. The popup turret was a little harder as the turret pops up from the ground when a target is near and then shoots in 3 shots in quick succession. The challenge was mostly with the animation states as it had a lot more than other two turrets. Overall a decent day of work. The next day wil be next week.

Day 1 – Initial Project Setup, Basic Turret & Enemies

Main progress:
– Turret rotation to target.
– Turret shooting.
– Turret idle motion.
– Enemy NavMesh.
– Enemies move to target.

The turret here is based off the Emperor: Battle for Dune Atreides Rocket Turret, I used screenshots that I was able to find online to make a basic model of the turret and then based the movement and shooting from memory. I learnt how to use Blender to model the turret, I had good experience using 3DS Max but my student licence ran out for that a while back. Fortunately there are some great guides out there that helped me get to grips with the interface and I’m quite happy with the model as a is and plan to try and make the other turrets from same game in the future.