Bad Luck Comes In Three's


Jam Theme: Superstition
Jam Length: 3 Hours
Platform: PC
Engine Used: Unity (C#)

No Build Download yet, I'm working on getting a build up ASAP - Jonathan (December 2019)

The Team

  • Myself
  • Edward Goodhew   
  • Post Mortem

    This was another mircojam game, due to both of us having a meeting to attend during the jam we effectively had 3 hours to make this game. The concept was just a game where you have to smash as many mirrors as possible within the time limit. The game was the first 3 player game I've made, but having done multiplayer before it wasen't hard to make this a reaility.

    I worked on some of the art as well as the majorty of the game code, while my partner worked on the UI, game scenes & the game timer. The model of the hand I took off a model I was using for a university assignment & just patched the hole where it connected to the shoulder.