Techno Baron


  • Project Duration: 5 Months
  • Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)

The Team

MyselfProgramming, 3D Modelling
Matt CorbenProgramming, 3D Modelling
Jack SelfProgramming, 3D Modelling
Kyle CronwellDesign, 3D Modelling
Edward GoodhewProgramming
Heidi Pierce3D Modelling

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Techno baron is a cyberspace music rail shooter set to aim and shoot enemies through immense speed patterns and an overall synesthesia phenomenon. This new simulation journey takes you to a child’s bedroom to beat a uniquely designed boss.


The primary goal for this boss battle is to bring something innovative and new to the rail classic, involving uniquely designed toys and stylish technical graphics inspired by its classic predecessor. Every asset is in low-poly format to match the chosen art style as it brings out more contrast in the holographic shader.

My Role

My role in this project was mainly programming. I was responsible for the players, boss & combat, while others in the team took care of the menus and UI. However, I did later step in and finish these sections off as well as they were only partcially complete when the project was nearing the deadline. I found the work to be a nice challenge as I had to create mechanics I had not thought of before such as rail movement in a 3D enviroment. I’m happy with the final product for this project, it felt reasonably polished and was a complete experience from start to finish.

Video Demonstration

Video voice over by Matt Corben