Development Time: 4 Months
Platform: PC, WebGL & Android
Engine Used: Unity (C#)

The Studio

Producer: Kostas Dokos
Jr Producer: Samuel Wilson
Creative Director: Mitchell Dixon
Lead Artist: Jack Self
Lead Designer: Kyle Cornwell
Lead Programmer: Jonathan Carter

Art Team

Pixel Artist: Thomas McDonald
Pixel Artist: Heidi Pearce
Animation: Matthew Corben
Music: Jordon Peach
Sound Effects: Jack Self

Design Team

World Builder: Kyle Cornwell
Puzzles and Quests: Oliver Neale
Enemy Design: Mitchell Dixon
Level Designer: Samuel Wilson
Level Designer: Edward Goodhew
Level Designer: Alex Betson
Items and Abilities: Chris Martin

Programming Team

Gameplay Programmer: Graham Hillman
Gameplay Programmer: Gabriel Potamianos
Gameplay Programmer: Tony Parsons
Gameplay Programmer: Toby Wishart
AI Programmer: Tom Last
Assets Programmer: Andreas Kraemer
Tools Programmer: Jonathan Carter
Platform, Input & Optimisation Progammer: Lewis Cleminson

Social Media Team

Social Media Lead: Chris Martin
Video Editor: Jonathan Carter
Video Editor: Heidi Pearce

My Contribution

As Lead Programmer

My work as lead throughout the weeks mostly involved communicating my both my team and the other departments in the studio. Getting answers to any questions people had and been available on discord as often as I could if I was needed. I also once again worked with each member of my team to assign them tasks for the week that suited their available time for the week and reported on what tasks were and were not completed.

As Tools Programmer

As the only tool’s programmer, I have had a fair bit of work to do. Granted I wasn’t alone from week one but some students left the unit after the first week, so the department needed to reorganise which meant the other tools programmer switching to gameplay programming to help fill in the gap. My work as a tool’s programmer has been mostly focused on the colour changing tool as it’s a core part of the game. This was successful from week one and I have tweaked it since to fit the requirements for the NES style of game we were going for. I also worked on some editor extensions for a synthesiser and dialogue editor. I also made an item editor, but this was made depreciated after a week when the design of the items code changed. In its place I made an item spawner to spawn a prefab into the scene.

As Video Editor

Most weeks I spent my time either reording studio presentations or editing them. This was until week 11 where the documentary took all of my time. This edit took roughly 40 hours to edit together with footage from all weeks of the unit. I’m proud of how that edit turned out, even though there are some minor parts that I felt could have been better.

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