Quacking Time

About Game

The theme for this jam was Winter + Enviromental Hazards. My take on this theme was to think of a game idea and then add the theme into it. This made my entry, Quacking Time, where you play against up to 3 other players in order to win x number of rounds in a short but sweet terrority control minigame.

My Thoughts

My personal goal for this jam was to have decent complexity in the game as well as having the game reasonably polished. This was certainly not an easy goal considering I was working alone and had to spend one of the jam days working on a university assignment. I did however manage to make a good experience within the 3 or so days I worked on the game. The programming for the game was certainly a challenge as I had not made a territory control game before and had to figure it out as I went along. This coupled with the multiplayer controls and duck hats made for a strong entry. As always my game made for a good laugh and everyone liked what I had made when I presented it to the other jam members.


  • Jam Theme: Winter + Enviromental Hazards
  • Jam Duration: 5 Days
  • Platform: PC, Mac & Linux
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Role: Solo Developer
What I Learnt
  • Local Multiplayer (4-Player)
  • Territory Control Mechanics