Jam Theme: Two of: Connections, Heist, Utopia
Jam Length: 4 Days
Overall Position: 3 / 5
Platform: PC
Engine Used: Unity (C#)

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The Team

Hannah Blachford

Awards Won
Game with the Most Potential

Game Synopsis

Who says you can't shoot all of your problems away, in this game you can literally! A wall built in your path, a lazer stopping you robbing the bank? Well no more! The displacement camera 5000 sends all your problems to a parallel universe where its their problem now...

My Role

As this was a game jam, I pretty much worked on every aspect of the game with the exception being the games art which I had help with this time around. The jam was about encouraging collaboration and required that everyone work in a team of at least 2 people. Because of this I tried to find someone from the art department to help save time when it came to modelling and texturing assets. By pure luck I ran into an old friend who I almost ended up living with in a house share for my 2nd year of university. As I knew this person a little I asked if she would be interested in working together, and so we did.

My Experience

This jam was certainly not an easy one, with a theme that made it hard to come up with a good idea. I had recently seen a tutorial on dissolve shaders and had an old project that I was working on for fun that would take and save screenshots of the game to a set folder. My teammate was happy to use this idea and so we did. I felt the teamwork was there and the game came along reasonably given the time we had to work on the project. The final product was a good 'Proof of concept' for the game and won the game the award of 'Game with the Most Potential' because of it. One day I would like to go back to this project and actually make it into a playable level, as the idea was sound and just needed more time to iron it all out into an actual game.


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Video Demonstration