Oh Gnomes


  • Jam Theme: Seize The Day
  • Jam Duration: 7 Days
  • Overall Position: ??? / ???
  • Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)

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Game Synopsis

One weary night at the local Homebase, one garden gnome comes to life to defend his light, his sun, a light bulb that a staff member left on overnight. You play as the gnome and must defeat the beasts of the night to save the day. Unlike most gnomes, this is a heavily armed vetran commando gnome, armed with his fishing rod, an umbrella and some fireworks you must defend the light bulb at all costs.

The Team

MeProgrammer (Mainly: Gnome, Traps, Abilities, UI, Menu, Animations, Audio)
Alex StathamProgrammer (Mainly: Enemies, Spawners, Level) & 3D Art (Enviroment)
Meriel Green3D Artist (Character, Enemies, Enviroment)
Stuart HoneymanMusic & SFX

Results | TBA

  • Overall: ???/???

Itch.io Ratings (TBA)

  • 5 Stars (???%)
  • 4 Stars (???%)
  • 3 Stars (???%)
  • 2 Stars (???%)
  • 1 Star (???%)

Post Mortem

Coming Soon…..