No Presents For You

A short summary of my thoughts on the no presents for you game jam entry.

About Game

This was a friendly jam between myself and my old University coursemates through discord and itch. The idea was to make some games and have a little fun while also getting something out of it. My entry this time around was simpler so that I could finish it and try out some new scene transitions I had wanted to try out.

I worked quite casually and didn’t really push myself that much, I did find that I still had a few issues with some of my assets (which I thought I had fixed) as well as some minor bugs with the movement. I did however get to use the old path finding script design I made back in the Maze Solver C++ project linked here. This turned out to be perfect for this game which save me some time, though getting it to work in this context too a little while to sort.

Overall I’m rather pleased which what I was able to make, by far it is nothing special and the levels are not hard at all, but its something I have built and can be proud of. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of my other projects off the ground next year.


  • Jam Theme: You are the Villan
  • Jam Duration: 4 Days
  • Platform: PC, Mac & Linux
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Role: Solo Developer
What I Learnt
  • Smooth Level Streaming
  • Portal Particle Effects
  • Basic Turn Based AI