Development Time: 2 Months
Platform: WebGL
Engine Used: Unity (C#)
Developers: Only Me

Due to this project been a university assignment, I can't release the git repository for this project as it may be used and plagiarised.

Post Mortem

This was my casual / idle game that I made for a univeristy assingment. The game had to meet specific requirements set out in the breif and had to have features such as micro transactions implemented in some way to pass the unit.

I went with a random idea that came to my head while watching some Youtube videos on nuclear reactors, as you do. my idea was to have the player keep a reactor going for as long as they could with the in game currency being the energy that the reactor produced. I was going to have weird and wacky ways to keep the reactor going, like playing simon says to insert fuel and a defibrillator to restore health and bring the reactor back to life. HOwever due to time restriction I had to reduce it to a simpler game. I do plan to come back to this project and maybe release it on mobile in the future.

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