Marble Mayhem: The Clash

A marble merging game
Work Game Jam Entry

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 4

Jam Theme: Casual/Merge

Engine: Unity (C#)

Platforms: PC, Mac & Linux

Dev Time: 2 Days


Marble mayhem is a game where you roll around and enviroment to merge with marbles of your colour. The ultimate goal being to clear the table. But you’ll need to avoid obstacles such as the zomballs which follow you slowly, the bombballs that explode on impact launching you far away and the nukeballs which, you guess it, cause a nuclear explosion ending the game instantly.

I mostly worked on the gameplay programming, so this being the player movement, enemies, powerups & merging. While the UI & other games bits were done by the other programmer on the team. I reused the player movement from an old abandoned project Lost My Marbles for this project to save time which proved to be a good move as time was tight given the scope of the game. Post jam I worked in this a little longer to make a store releasable version to test the game on the market to see if it would do well. Sadly it did not but it was still a fun idea to try out.

Software Used