Lights Out

About Game

This was my entry into a Score Space game jam, a jam where streamers play the games in the jam and compete to get the highest score. Each entry needed to have a leaderboard or score display in order to be a valid entry.

Game Synopsis

Lights out is a super simple game where you keep the lights out. The name of the game sums up what you do. However it’s not that simple. There are 7/15/26 malfuntioning lights in the room which constantly turn themselves back on. Your job is to keep them off for as long as you can. If all the lights are on, you lose.

Post Mortem

This jam was certainly an interesting one. What I learnt the most from this one was the fact that the game can look good and run well, but if the theme isn’t glarinly obvious, people won’t pick up on it. This I feel is why I had such a bad score on the theme adherance this time around. I felt this was rather a shame as I though I had a nice interpritation with the job of the player to keep the lights from taking over by turning them off, therefore keeping the balance in the game. But hey ho, next time I’ll be more blunt with the theme in my game.

On another note, I took the time to rate as many games as I could, fosucing on the litle guys. These been the games that get ingnored / overshadowed by the polished and looked at titles. I’m pretty sure I only got so many rating because of the fact that I took the time to rate and comment on each of their games.



  • Jam Theme: Balance
  • Jam Duration: 3 Days
  • Platform: PC, Mac & Linux
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Software Used: Unity, Visual Studio, Paint.Net, 3DS Max, Github Desktop
  • Role: Solo Developer
What I Learnt
  • Basic Online Leaderboards