Leaderboard Manager

About Asset

This asset is a local leaderboard solution for developers to make simple leaderboards to their games.

Post Mortem

The Leaderboard Manager asset was designed to allow users to add leaderboards to their games with ease. Like most of the asset I have developed so far, this asset was targeted at beginner developers who might need a little help with some minor functionality. I worked on the asset for a couple of weeks during August 2020, with the aim to release it by the end of the month. The development of the asset was rather simple and problem free and is currently maintained with my other assets on the store, when a problem turns up I will put time towards it to fix it.



  • Platform: Unity Asset Store
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Software Used: Unity, Visual Studio, Github Desktop
  • Role: Solo Developer
What I Learnt
  • Basic Linq