Jam Theme: Only One
Jam Length: 48 Hours
Overall Position: 951 / 2648
Platform: WebGL & PC
Engine Used: Unity (C#)
Developers: Only Me

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Post Mortem

Well, this was my first short jam in a while. most other jams were either really short and a full week long. For this jam I was focused on make a decent game while keeping the scope low enough that I can make it while keeping my commitments over the weekend of the jam.

The idea came about after spending around an hour pondering idea's. It can be hard to get an idea when you have no-one to talk to about it. I eventually came up with only one button teleporting, which is what I developed. While I can't say it wen't smoothly, it did go well for once. I did get a few weird bugs such as the gravity not resetting when you died upside down or the bullets following you after you were already hit by one etc.

Overall, I actually found this jam to be a nice challenge. not too hard but hard enough, I'm looking forward to seeing what others make in the jam and to see the top 100 games.


Adherence to the Theme: #704
Design: #826
Originailty: #1283
Overall: #951

Ratings (12)

5 Stars (19.4%)
4 Stars (25%)
3 Stars (33.3%)
2 Stars (22.2%)
1 Star (0%)

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