Inhuman Resources


  • Jam Theme: Strenght Lies In Differences
  • Jam Duration: 7 Days
  • Overall Position: 27/72
  • Platform: WebGL
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)

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Game Synopsis

You are an intern at the totally no evil company, Inhuman Resources. One day you are invited to the basement for a special project. The next thing you know, your a ghost, and you can possess living creatures. Can you solve your murder? What will you do when you find out who did it?

The Team

MeMain Programmer
Meriel GreenArtist (Characters, Props, Enviroment assets)
Stuart HoneymanMusic & SFX
James StormerArtist (Background & Main Building)

Results | 27th Place

  • Overall: 27th
  • Fun: 20/72
  • Visuals: 14/72
  • Audio: 41/72
  • Gameplay: 19/72 Ratings

  • 5 Stars (7.8%)
  • 4 Stars (22.2%)
  • 3 Stars (45.6%)
  • 2 Stars (21.2%)
  • 1 Star (3.3%)

Post Mortem

So this jam didn’t go as well as the last one from a technical side, the game was rather buggy for my liking and by the end of it, the game felt kind of like a walking sim, but it was still good practice none the less. The possession mechanic worked as intended though the platforming let it down really. Like the last jam I ended u pdoing a fair bit of the work and put the whole thing tofether, not helped by the fact that I was getting interviewed for a job in the same week, which I later got. I’m not sure if I’ll be taking part in the next jam in this series due to said job xD Though I’ll happily support the team I’ve made by doing the admin if they want to take part without me or with me as support.