• Company: Fumb Games
  • Platform: Mobile (Android atm)
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Development Time: 6 Weeks+
  • Project Status: OnGoing

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About Project

So this is my first project as a Junior Programmer with Fumb Games. Currently only the prototype is avalible and it is all I can currently show. I’ll update this page as and when I am authorised to.


The first public version of the game is a prototype based on my first 6 weeks or so of work, the majority of the games programming is my own though there are some internal tools that have saved me having to make some features. The artwork was made or adjusted by a co-worker for the UI and guns. Programming wise, this has been a nice challenge to make, getting the merge board to work was one of the most challenging sections as a lot of the game relies on it. Other challenges included optimisation of the game and idle calculations which sometimes made me want to bang my head on the table but after whiteboarding the problems out I was able to solve them successfully.


Demonstration Video