Got No Pockets!

A puzzle game where you can only hold 1 item
Game Jam Entry

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 2

Jam Theme: Take One, Leave One

Engine: Unity (C#)

Platforms: PC, Mac & Linux

Dev Time: 4 Days


This was a 4 day jam across a week just before the 2nd term of 2nd year began. I took part for fun and to add to my portfolio. In this jam I took part with an old friend, but ended up doing most of the work myself to complete the game on time.

I more or less worked solo on this project, I did have a teammate but she fell ill after the first day and was not able to take part for the rest of the jam. So I did all the programming, sound and art for the game but left the puzzle design and asset finding to her. I was able to use basic primitives for the game so I only ended up modelling the paint machines in the last puzzle room. My main goal with this jam was to try and make a presentable game that had a level of polish to it while still being a game. I felt I did a good job with this given the time I had to work on the game. The game managed to finish 3rd overall, had there been a category for design the game would have won it hands down, this is by far one of my better game jam entires but other jam games have far more wacky mechanics.

The game was based on the idea that you’d need a cube to solve a puzzle and you would only be able to carry one cube at a time. There were 3 main puzzles in the demo, the first was a simple door where the cube needed placing on the pressure plate to open the door. The second was a sound puzzle which a lot of people struggled with, where hovering a cube through the doors would play a note. You would need to match the note to the sequence played from a presure plate in the starting room, once through all three doors the player lost the cube to a door. The last puzzle was a colour puzzle where you had to colour four cubes to orange, green, purple and brown using the colur changers in the room to paint each cube.

Software Used