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University Final Major Project

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The Project

My project is planned to be a small arcade machine with a few games to go with it. The projects goal would be to replicate the retro style of games with the old arcade controls along with some modernised arcade games. As there is going to be a few games there would be a menu controlled by the joystick to move one of the buttons to select the options. The games themselves would be classic high score-based games, such as a button mashing or shooter. I would also construct, custom paint & configure the machine itself to have a fully working product by the end of the project.

Project Milestones & Progress

Cabinet Built: August 2019
First Playable Build: Project Week 4 (Starting 10th February 2020)
Alpha Build: Project Week 7 (Starting 2nd March 2020)
Beta Build: Project Week 11 (Starting 30th March 2020)
Project Release: Project Week 16 (Starting 4th May 2020)

Project Timeline

Project Preparation: Complete

July / August 2019
The preparation for this project is essential to its success. Having the custom arcade cabinet constructed before I get to the official start date of the FMP will help save a lot of time during the FMP unit in 2nd semester. The aim of this section is to have built and tested the arcade cabinet to make sure all the inputs work, and the construction will hold up to wear and tear throughout the year.

Project Proposal Submission: In Progress

January 2020
This is when the Final Major Project officially starts. This first step is submitting a proposal for the project which is simple enough. Having the cabinet already built will help significantly when getting approval for the project I would be able to show it working then and there.

Cabinet Game Design: Upcoming

Late January 2020
This is when I would be designing the games for the cabinet. This may include using some idea's or experiments that I have done in the past and including them into the cabinet to make it more complete. Though my initial aim is to have 2-3 games on the cabinet when I showcase it.

Cabinet Game Development:

Late Janurary - Late April 2020
This is where all the game development takes place. The aim is to have 2-3 games made during this time. However, it really depends on the idea's and how solid they are.

Cabinet Playtesting:

Late April - Early May 2020
This is when the main play testing will be taking place. This will likely involve getting groups of peers along with anyone I can arrange to play test with to find and game.

Project Release & Showcase:

May 2020
This is the final stage of the project, where it will be ready for release...