Detective Notes


  • Platform: Android
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)
  • Developers: Only Me

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Why I made this!

This is a personal project, as when playing a game of camp cluedo with family I found it hard to read my notes, So I looked for an app. Which there were some for android, but none for IOS which most of my family uses. The app was based on an android app which I used for a bit, it was simple and I realised I could make similar app in a short period of time. I knew it wouldn’t be hard and could be done in a few days. It went rather well, I didn’t run into any major problems which was a nice change.

The Public Version

While this project was meant to be just for me, I have since decided to remake the project and plan to release it to the Google Play Store in the near future. The reason I’m remaking the project is because it is incredibily similar to its competitors on the market and I want my version to stand out. The plan is to simplify the scorecard to have icons for each element in the standard cludeo game and then have options to change the appearance of each panel based on who has the card, whether it has been seen, whether you think the card is the one or to define which cards you have on hand. This version may hinder or help the user, dependant on how they like to keep track of their information while playing the game. The idea behind was the design was to keep the interface super simple and clean so it was easy to view at a glance and edit on the fly.


1-8 = 2020 Version, 9-12 = 2019 Version