Development Time: Ongoing
Platform: PC, WebGL and Android
Engine Used: Unity (C#)
Developers: Only Me


Crushing is a new prototype game that I'm working on which is designed mainly for mobile as a time waster. The idea behind the game is to not get crushed by the crushers for as long as possible, the game gets harder the longer you survive with faster crusher cycles. This game is in its early days but I want to get it out there early on.......

Features that I plan to add:

  • Enemies that chase the player
  • Improved diffuculty curve that doesn't take long to ramp up
  • Power ups such as slow mode and early warning systems
  • Customisable trails and player colours
  • Gamer timer
  • In-game currency for cosmetic changes to the game level such as crusher designs, background & more

    1. Crushing Screenshot #1
    2. Crushing Screenshot #2
    3. Crushing Screenshot #3