Development Time: On Hold
Platform: PC, Android & WebGL
Engine Used: Unity (C#)
Developers: Only Me

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Project On Hold

This project is on hold for the time being, this is mostly due to the design not been 100% nailed down for the project, so it's a bit all over the place. Until I nail the design, I'm going the leave this project as it is and plan to come back to it when I'm ready to finish it.


This is purely a personal project, I started it with the idea of making a more or less universal scoring app that I could have on my phone when playing board games with family and friends. This was also a good practice for using Unity's UI which can be a bit of a nightmare as I've learnt while making this.

Latest Progress

The latest progress was good, having fixed the problem of getting all the player data stored correctly. The next problem which is where the project is at right now is with adjust player positions once a round has been completed.

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