• Jam Theme: Climbing
  • Jam Duration: 3 Days
  • Overall Position: 41 / 122
  • Platform: WebGL
  • Engine Used: Unity (C#)

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Game Synopsis

C.W.I.S is a tatical survival game where you fend off endless waves of missiles heading right for you. How do you stop these missiles? with a C.W.I.S ofcourse! Your ship has two of these, one at the bow and another at the stern. While these can shoot missiles out of the sky with ease, they have limited ammo and can easily overheat. As you play you can shoot supply crates to get ammo and rank up your weapons over time when they make successful kills.

Results | 41st Place

  • Gameplay: 15/122
  • Adherence to the Theme: 106/122
  • Aesthetics: 27/122
  • Sound: 9/122
  • Overall: 41/122

Itch.io Ratings (29)

  • 5 Stars (11.2%)
  • 4 Stars (32.8%)
  • 3 Stars (29.3%)
  • 2 Stars (14.7%)
  • 1 Star (12.1%)

Post Mortem

This jam was a nice one, though the theme made it a bit harder to work with. Climbing meant a lot of games would involving going up and down, so I went for an alternative idea using ranking up as the main idea for the game. The development process went reasonably after I got the main mechanics working. A full break down of my throughs will be in a dev-log a few weeks after the jam is over.

Going over the final rating it is clear where it all went badly…..the theme…. I took a gamble with my idea from the theme and it backfired badly. If my theme score was say around 20-30 I would’ve done much better overall. Personally I do have a few critisms of this jam, mostly how the popular games just get all the attention and that there is little to no promotion for thinking outside of the box with the theme, something I have always done in game jams to be different. But oh well, that is the way of the world. I would personally like to see a jam where the idea of the jam was to come up with the most abstract interpriation possible at its core. It would still need to link to the jam theme in a way, but the theme would not be a judging criteria…. who knows, I may even start it myself one day xD.