Bad Luck Comes In Three’s

A game where you break lots of mirrors
Game Jam Entry

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 2

Jam Theme: Superstition

Engine: Unity (C#)

Platforms: PC, Mac & Linux

Dev Time: 3 Hours


This was a 3 hour mirco game jam entry that I entered with a friend. The idea was that you had to break the most mirrors in a round based game to win. I sadly don’t have a copy of the game saved anywhere so the video is all I currently have of the project to show.

Post Mortem

This was a mircojam game (so an afternoon instead of a day or two). Due to both team members having a meeting to attend during the jam we effectively had 3 hours to make this game instead of 4. The concept was just a game where you have to smash as many mirrors as possible within the time limit.

The game was the first 3 player game I’ve made, but having done multiplayer controls before it wasn’t hard to make this a reaility. I had figured out how to make a camera be in a particular part of the screen which came in handy for this game. I decided to go with a grid layout to save time as the positioning would be easy to setup. The 4th view I turned into a static top down camera most just to fill the space. I also had to quickly cut an arm off a 3D character from another project, stitch the seams up and make it punch the air. Overall this was a nice test of my abilities to code fast and get something working in a short time frame. Though the overall game was janky to say the least.

Software Used