Status: Released (Maintained)
Platform: Unity Asset Store
Engine Used: Unity (C#)
Developers: Only Me


This project is a officially released asset on the Unity Asset Store, it is totally free to download! Either press the button above or follow the link:

Post Mortem

The idea behind this project first came about in my second year at university where I started to get into unity editor scripts. Early on in the year we were taught how to make a simple audio manager using 2 lists, a library & a simple play clip function. I later on went to expand the script to have a few functions that played audio in different ways, such as at a specific time and with a delay. As I learnt editor scripts, I began making the script more appealing in the inspector as well as automating the process of adding clips to the lists. The result is what I feel is a decent asset, with plenty of options to expand the scripts in the future.

The current version has a clean feel to it. I changed from lists to scriptable objects in version 2 and above. This proved to help a lot with the editor script in particular as it tended to forget information once the game object that the manager was on had been deselected. I also changed the preview buttons to be uniform with the stop buttons and used textures rather than stock text to make them look way better.