About Me

About Me


Who am I? I'm Jonathan, an aspiring Indie Games Developer with hopes to work in a small company, or to work freelance. I like make unique and weird games, such as unicycles taking over the world, pumpkin smashing & mirror punching.

Academic History



soham village college parkrun selfie

I starting running full on in late April 2019, since then I've gotten heavily envolved with my local Parkrun (Southampton), having become a regular volenteer, whether that be marshalling on the course cheering others on or sorting all the finish tokens back into order after the event. I've also been an active member of a local running club; the Hamwic Harriers which got recommended to me while marshalling at parkrun.


Arts & Crafts

finished scarf picture

In my spare time I like to make things. I'm not that good at it, but I find it fun trying. My biggest success with arts & crafts has been my hand knitted scarf which took around 5 months to make. The scarf used two colours and the standard knit with squares of 30 x 34 resulting in a nice two tone scarf.