Everyday Rubber Duck, a joke new years resolution that is still going over a year later.


Back in late 2019, I was visiting my family and was thinking of what I could do for the new years. Most would try to quit something or change their routines, me…I decided to start a joke Instagram account where I would take pictures of an object every day. I chose the first object I could see; in this case an old bubble bath rubber duck and the rest is history.

The idea was simple, upload I picture every day with a frame showing the day number for that specific day. The first problem was actually getting the account setup. As it was around Christmas, the account took a few weeks to get verified. Instagram does not let you just make an account and use it on day one unlike most social media platforms. So, for the first 8 days or so I had to catch up the account. The first few pictures where at my parent’s place before moving back to my Southampton flat.

The rest was pretty straight forward, I had some ground rules for what I could or couldn’t do. Each day had to be unique, without repeating scenarios or scenes. This is what made this everyday a challenge. In the early days it was easy, obviously as time goes on it would be harder and harder. The first 100 or so were easy enough, however this challenge did not plan for a global pandemic, which inevitability made it harder with lockdowns in place I had to get creative and come up with different ideas in a small city studio flat. Around the 250-365 mark was the hardest as most of the easy ideas had already been done. I did manage to come up with something different each day, but I knew I would have to change the rules to be able to continue into 2021.


So, that leads us to today. When the new year hit for 2021, I decided to allow myself some leeway, purely as my life is not active enough at the moment to make this challenge possible. There are only so many ideas one can have living in 1 room while sticking to lockdown rules, e.g., no non-essential trips out. So, for this year the rules allow for duplicate scenarios, however I plan to revise these rules again for 2022 as hopefully the world will be slightly more back to normal.

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